MidWest One Bank's Single Speed Speedo Spectacular with the Grinch

Infamous! That word pretty much sums up the most bizarre event at the Jingle Cross: The Single Speed Speedo Spectacular. 

This race started out as a dare for some guys to wear speedos and race their single speed bikes in a Jingle Cross frigid December over 10 years ago. And what turned out as a funny dare, has morphed into a silly costume ride but a single speed bike is no longer required, and neither is a speedo for that matter. Today, no rules apply except common decency and any bike, any gears, any costume is allowed. In fact, any Who in Whoville who has any non-motorized Who-powered contraption is welcome to participate. Awards are given for many categories - most of which will be invented on the spot - but may include

  • Coolest costume 
  • Funniest costume
  • Best group theme
  • Coolest bike
  • Sexiest costume
  • Unsexiest "That's just way wrong!" costume
  • And many more!

There are no rules and anything and everything goes in this non-competitive crazy Spectacular Spectacle.  Registration is unnecessary because we really don't want to know whose Who has what Who out there.... But once again, this event is a charity event so a donation would be greatly appreciated. This is the wildest event at the Jingle Cross and will occur rain, shine, snow, or ice on World Cup Day!