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MidWest One Bank's Single Speed Speedo Spectacular

Infamous! That  sums up the most bizarre event at the Jingle Cross: The Single Speed Speedo Spectacular. 

This started out as a dare asking riders to wear speedos and race their single speed bikes in a December Jingle Cross race 13 years ago. And what turned out as a silly dare, has morphed into a crazy costume parade! A a single speed bike might be part of the title but it is not required, and neither is a speedo for that matter. Any bike, any gears, any costume!  Awards for creativity:

  • Coolest costume 
  • Funniest costume
  • Best group theme
  • Coolest bike
  • Sexiest costume
  • Unsexiest "That's just wrong!" costume
  • And more!

Registration is unnecessary because we really don't want to know who you are! This is the wildest event at the Jingle Cross and will occur rain, shine, snow, at 12:00 noon at the UCI World Cup on September 29th!

Photos of the Single Speed Speedo Spectacular